Dearly beloved, fear not. Though he be the blackest of brews, our Undertaker is a blithe spirit. He revels in spicy rye and wheat, peppery French yeast and soulful, dark fruit. For he knows that when his brief luscious life is laid to rest, the next will be just as good. 

Dry & Tart Peppery Saison Yeast

Malt: A combination of Alberta 2 row, Alberta malted wheat, Canadian malted Rye, and imported black malt.

Hops: 2 hop additions. Galena for bittering, Amarillo for aroma.

Alcohol: 6.2%

Bitterness: 20 IBU

A dark saison using French saison yeast. The spicy, peppery aspect of the rye malt and saison yeast are well complimented by a tart sourness. The black malt and dark Belgian candi sugar combine to make a beautifully dark ale with a slight roast, dark fruit sensation. The citrus notes from the yeast and hops combined with a characteristic dry finish, create a complex yet well balanced and exciting ale.

Meet the Village Undertaker

When we found out our accountant had an undertaker for a grandfather, we figured he would match well with our strong Black Saison. Helen's grandfather, Christian, was born in 1896 in Hobro, Denmark and built a reputation as a much sought after violinist.

During the dirty 30's he became the village Caretaker/ Undertaker making $200 a year to feed his family of eleven. He maintained the church and gravesites and ensured the church bells were rung for weddings, funerals and other village rituals. It takes a Village after all... 

Don't Take Life Too Seriously

Photographer: Colin Way
Model: Lindsay

Village Blonde - Golden Ale

Meet this natural Blonde, whose golden glow comes from the finest two-row Alberta barley. An ale with a crisp, dry palate that balances a slight fruity sweetness and subtle bitterness. Handcrafted, unpasteurized, free of preservatives and additives, this local beauty conforms to the 1516 Bavarian Law of Purity. So few Blondes do.

Clean & Crisp Fruit & Floral Mild to Medium Bitterness

Malt: 100% two-row Alberta premium barley

Hops: Three hop additions using Nugget, English Fuggles and German Hersbrucker as the aroma Hop.

Alcohol: 4.5%

Bitterness: 28 - 30 IBU

An all-malt blonde in the North American style with a positive hop character and a smooth finish.

Perfect Pairings For The Village Blonde:
Duck Confit Poutine - Wine-Ohs
Clivestyle Cheeseburger - Clive Burger
Blonde Onion Rings - Sharky's Tap House
Meet a Natural Blonde

Each of our beers remind us of family, friends & neighbours in the Village. Really.

We all have moments in life we wish we could save in a bottle. For one of our partners, who lost his mother just prior to launching the brewery, this photo of her is his way of thanking her for her ongoing support and golden beauty. Now whenever he drinks a Village Blonde he'll be reminded to clean his plate, do his homework, be kind to others and not take life too seriously.

Village Blacksmith - India Black Ale

Keep a sturdy grip on this hand-forged ale. It is an alloy of premium two-row Alberta barley, roasted to a black malt and infused with quantities of potent, bitter hops. Stalwart and bold, it will douse the coal-fired thirst, slake the spirit and clear the soot from the teeth. 

Espresso & Chocolate Medium Bitterness Medium Body Easy Drinking

Malt: A combination of Premium Alberta Pale Malt and Imported (UK) Caramel and Black Malt.

Hops: 2 Hop Additions using Nugget and Cascade Hops

Alcohol: 5.5%

Bitterness: 45 - 50 IBU

A distinctly dark and flavourful ale that carefully balances the sweet flavours of the dark malts with the bitterness of the hopping. Citrus aromas balanced with roasted espresso, chocolate and licorice.

Perfect Pairings For The Village Blacksmith:
Dark Chocolate Cake - Wine-Ohs
Commonwealth Taquito - Commonwealth
Classic Clive Burger - Clive Burger
Meet the Blacksmith


Little did one of our partners know that he would be able to feature his wife's Grandfather on cases of beer. But it only makes sense that a legendary hardworking prairie blacksmith should be proudly showcased on a tasty hand-forged black ale. And yes, that is a granddaddy's blacksmith shop in the background.

Village Wit - White Wheat Ale

Despite it's name, this is a serious brew unsuited to tawdry puns. It is a finely crafted, unfiltered wheat ale in the Belgian tradition. The colour of straw with a delicate white haze, Wit has crisp flavours accented with orange zest and coriander. A classic. So get into Wit.

Citrus & Coriander Spiced Unfiltered Wheat

Malt: A combination of Malted Wheat and Alberta 2-Row Premium Malt.

Hops: 3 Hop Additions using Cascades, English Fuggles and Imported Saaz as the Aroma Hop.

Alcohol: 4.5%

Bitterness: 4 - 5 IBU

A light refreshing Belgian style that is lightly hopped and is characterized by a distinct citrus flavour.

Perfect Pairings For The Village WiT:
Apple Wood Burger - Oak Tree Tavern
Meet the Village Wit


The image on the case is of our partner's Nonno (Grandfather). Nini, as Nonno was known, was popular with friends and neighbours for telling stories and singing out of key in his deep loud Italian voice. Nini had a constant sparkle in his eye and loved life to the fullest. He could often be found in his dirt wine cellar stashing beer, cheese and salami behind his rudimentary grappa still. Many a day was spent on his concrete step, arm over his grandson's shoulder enjoying a garden fresh tomato. He was without a doubt one of the wittiest men in town.

Village Maiden - India Session Ale

She’s a fair Maiden, but a heartbreaker. She wraps us in her deep golden glow, teasing us with crisp citrus scents, whispering secrets of fragrant hops from faraway lands. So we draw her to our lips. And just like that, she’s gone. Ah, well. One Maiden calls for another.

Floral Citrus Hops High Bitterness Unfiltered

Malt: Premium 2 row alberta malt, with light caramel and hints of roasted barley to bring a slight orange hue

Hops: Multiple hop additions throughout the brewing and fermentation process using Pride of Ringwood, Zythos, Waimea, Centennial, and Cascade

Alcohol: 4.6%

Bitterness: 46 IBU

A new take on the North American pale ale, this unfiltered india session ale is light, and very heavily hopped to present both a bitter finish with a hop forward flavour and aroma.  The nose features strong orange, lemon and floral notes with a  slight earthiness.  Unfiltered to preserve as much hop essence as possible.

Hop Brigade

Every beer represents someone from the Village Family. The Maiden is Karen's mom.

Having been born in a country best known for its beer, our favourite employees’ mother is no stranger to the process let alone the end product. For 2 weeks at the end of her summer holidays, she picked hops for local growers throughout Czechoslovakia as part of a mandatory community support program. Students would work full days collecting at least 10 bushels of hops, receiving the equivalent of what is now about 15 cents per bushel.
From hop picking to our hop forward Maiden; who knew that her past beer experience would one day be celebrated, again.

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