Meet our Merchandiser - Rebecca Skinner

February 09, 2017


Hi! I’m the merchandiser at Village Brewery. Contrary to popular belief I do not make the hats & t-shirts we sell in the store…

My Job is a bit different. I go to liquor stores throughout the city and make sure our beer is stocked, fresh, and easy to find. I check in with these accounts to ensure they know about our latest products and that our customers are still happy with us. I also visit stores that don’t carry our product yet and tell them a little bit about what we do at Village. It’s a sweet gig because it means meeting new people all the time, building relationships, and never having two days that are the same.

In my job interview (hard to call it an interview when it was me and five guys drinking a beer at a pub), they told me that the job would be about 40% work and 60% fun. And they weren’t lying. Getting to attend all the many events Village supports throughout the year, going to cask nights, beer dinners, fundraisers, tap room gallery openings, and many happy hours throughout the city definitely doesn’t feel like work, and I know I’m pretty fortunate.

What led me to this job is a pretty simple road. While backpacking for a few years after University I found that the best way to meet someone new was over a beer – it seemed to break all language barriers. I also found that one of the best ways to get to know a new place was by the beer they create. When I arrived back in Calgary I decided to get to know this city again, through the beer we create. I also started getting more involved with the community by attending lots of music and arts events and noticed Village seemed to be everywhere I was! When a job posting popped up I jumped at the opportunity to be part of a company that believes in their community and creates awesome beer at the same time.

One of my favorite aspects of the job is the fact that the company is still small enough that everyone is included in bringing a new product to market – from inception, to production, to going out and selling it, and then enjoying it at a bar.

We all get the opportunity to share ideas for a new brew, to taste it along the way, to collaborate for the name, story, and submit photos that are used on the box. Of course each team has their responsibilities and are extremely talented at what they do, but it’s a welcome environment for everyone to have a say and be excited about what we create!

I’ve learned that being part of the brewing community in Calgary is like being part of a giant family. Everybody seems genuinely interested in helping each other grow, while helping other local businesses, and inevitably the entire city, grow as well.

..And that makes me pretty excited to go to work everyday.


If you have any questions or concerns about any of our beer found in stores tweet me @villagerebecca and I’ll be happy to answer.