Market Collective Decorates the Village Square

by Jackson Stuart on

In every Village it is the artist that brings the colour, the vibrancy and the joy.

Drink Local for Crafts Sake

by Jackson Stuart on

Calling all craft aficionados and fellow beer nerds. Oct 20th to Oct 28th is Beer Week in Alberta!

Village Gardener Beet Session Ale

by Jackson Stuart on

The fifth annual Village Gardener community involved ale has been grown, picked, brewed, bottled, and is ready to be shared in the garden. 

Village Bobby Northern English Ale

by Jackson Stuart on

This winter our seasonal ale pays homage to a good friend and a Calgary Craft beer pioneer.

Birth of a Village Character

by Jackson Stuart on

It is a question we often get at Village – “How do you decide what to brew next?”

Village Senator - Alberta Birthday Beer

by Jackson Stuart on

We teamed up with Bow Valley Ranch Historical Society to make a beer for Alberta's Birthday. For our second annual Alberta Birthday Ale, we decided to honour the...

Taproom Now Open

by Jackson Stuart on

The time has finally come! Villagers can now enjoy a pint, flight, tour or growler fill at the brewery with our new extended hours. We are excited to...

You've Found me - Now see where I've been

by Jackson Stuart on

You've Found me - Now see where I've been The Village Friar – you can call him Larry – appeared at the birth of one of our founders...

Enigma Uncommon Amber Ale

by Jackson Stuart on

This season we have an uncommon offering to share. Brewmaster Larry has made a recipe that he has fantasized about throughout his long brewing career, after 45 years...

Squeeze Lemon Berry Helles

by Andrew Morgan on

It was love at first sip. We'd never met a more dazzling, brilliant brew. Our squeeze charmed us with smooth Bavarian malt, teased us with lemon and raspberry,...