You've Found me - Now see where I've been

October 25, 2016

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The Village Friar – you can call him Larry – appeared at the birth of one of our founders in a small town in Germany. He followed the lad around Europe and across Canada, eventually settling in Calgary where he blesses the Village beer. Hey, we just noticed that Larry is also the name of our brewmaster. Weird! 
Now Brother Larry turns up wherever there's an event that calls for blessings and good cheer. See for yourself! 
Larry before his trek up the famous Kilimanjaro!
He made it!!! What a triumph, that's a lot of steps for such a little monk... 
Chris and Larry in Belize on December 21st to meet with the Mayans.
The world was saved. They had a Lighthouse lager to celebrate.
This may seem weird, cause I know I'm a monk...
but I totally hung out at Bing Crosby's pool today.
Put me in coach!