Village Logger

It's surprising. You'd never think that this stylish sessional brew was a Lumberjack. It's a classic, cool, golden beer accented with crisp, fresh notes of Northern hops. But when we asked, "what kind of Ale are you?" We heard the clear reply, "I'm not an ale, I'm a Logger." 

ABV: 4.2% 
HOPS: Nugget, Loral, Mandarina Bavaria.
MALT: Rahr Premium Pilsner Malt, Best Acidulated Malt. 

Pilsner Malt
Light Body

The Logger showcases Rahr's Premium Pilsner malt, and it provides a soft and subtle light straw colour and flavour. The hops are American (Loral) and German (Mandarina Bavaria) sourced. They provide an alternative to traditional grassy flavours with some subtle floral and citrus characteristics. The yeast is a traditional workhorse yeast from Escarpment Labs that can provide a very clean and neutral lager characteristic. Traditionally, lagers are brewed with water that has low levels of hardness from calcium and magnesium and low levels of sulphate and chloride as well. With Calgary being situated next to the mountains, our watersheds are rich in these minerals, which make for great hoppy and dark beers. It makes the ideal lager a bit of a challenge. With RO water, we can produce soft water on demand that is low in all of these minerals and custom build our own profile. To an experienced taster, the difference can turn a good beer into a great one, for everyone else, it simply makes a consistently easy-drinking lager that you can enjoy with friends.

Meet the Logger

Village Logger