Village Wit

Despite its name, this is a serious brew unsuited to tawdry puns. It is a finely crafted, unfiltered wheat ale in the Belgian tradition. The colour of straw with a delicate white haze, Wit has crisp flavours accented with orange zest and coriander. A classic. So get into Wit

ABV: 4.5% 
HOPS: Willamette, Cascade, Imported Saaz.
MALT: Alberta Two-Row Premium Malt, Malted Wheat 

Citrus & Coriander

A light refreshing unfiltered Belgian style wheat ale. A fruity nose with notes of orange peel and coriander.

Meet the Wit

Village Wit

Nini had a sparkle in his eye and loved life to the fullest. The image of the Village Wit is of our partner's Nonno (Grandfather). Nini, as Nonno was known, was popular with friends and neighbours for telling stories and singing out of key in his deep loud Italian voice. Nini had a constant sparkle in his eye and loved life to the fullest. He could often be found in his dirt wine cellar stashing beer, cheese and salami behind his rudimentary grappa still. Many a day was spent on his concrete step, arm over his grandson's shoulder enjoying a garden-fresh tomato. He was without a doubt one of the wittiest men in town.