Camp Hoo-Ha's Village Camper

by Village Brewery


The Village Camper
Camp Hoo-Ha and Village Brewery have partnered on a special edition Village Camper Can holding our Camp Hoo-Ha Cider!

What is Camp Hoo-Ha you ask?
Embracing the nostalgia, memories and shenanigans of our childhood camp days, Camp Hoo-Ha is a series of events held in Calgary every month. From surviving the wild and surviving parenthood to butchering beef, mastering a drill and mixing the perfect cocktail, Camp Hoo-Ha is about learning life skills while connecting with like-minded women. Every event includes food, wine, an engaging guest speaker, a simple craft and badges of course.

For more information on how to participate in Camp Hoo-Ha please click the link.

Who we’re supporting
All proceeds from the beer sale will go to Highbanks Society – a Calgary-based charity that provides affordable housing for single mothers and empowers them through cooking classes, parenting classes and other life skills. You can learn more at

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