64oz Growler & Fill

by Village Brewery


You must be thinking, "$15 for a glass bottle?"
This isn't just any glass bottle, it's a beautiful 64oz Village growler AND it's filled with your choice of beer or cider!  


Limited Edition: 

Calgary Beer - Lager 
ABV: 5% 
Paying homage to the former Calgary Brewing & Malting Co. and its iconic Calgary Beer, we were inspired to revive this 129-year-old brand with our take on a lightly hopped Craft Lager. It’s called Calgary Beer but this beer is for everyone. 

ABV: 5% 

HOPS: Ella, Sabro, Enigma 
YEAST: Krispy Kveik 
MALT: Rahr 2-row, Acidulated Malt 

Tropical Cider - Pineapple, Mango & Guava
ABV: 5.5%  
Sweet aroma of tropical fruit, mainly pineapple is noticeable but decently balanced. This semi-dry cider has natural fruit sweetness, gentle guava and mango flavour accented by the slightly tart pineapple. High carbonation gives a crisp mouthfeel and bright fruit flavours. Overall a tasty medley of fruits designed for summer days in the hot sun.

Father - Juicy Ebbegarden NEIPA
The Village Father delights us what a collection of Alberta Malt that sets the stage to balance out generous additions of tropical and citrus hops. The unique Ebbegarden Kviek yeast provides a mango and guava aroma and flavour. All coming together to form a juicy, well rounded New England pale ale.

ABV: 7% 
MALT: Rahr 2-Row, Red Shed Kananaskis, Rahr Malted Wheat, GWM Vienna, Canada Malting Flaked Oats
HOPS: Ella, Cashmere, Ekuanot 
YEAST: Ebbegarden Kviek 

Small Batch:

Algerian Mazagran Lager
ABV: 4.3%

Core Beers:

Blonde - Natural Golden Ale
ABV: 4.5% 
HOPS: Galena, Willamette and German Tettnang.
MALT: 100% Two-Row Alberta Premium Barley

Blacksmith - Alberta Black Ale
ABV: 5.4% 
HOPS: Galena and Cascade.
MALT: Premium Alberta Pale Malt, Imported (UK) Caramel Malt, Black Malt. 

Nomad - 
India Pale Ale
ABV: 6.5% 
HOPS: Galaxy, Mosiac, Citra.
MALT: Rahr 2-Row, Rahr Malted Wheat, Red Shed Kananaskis Malt, Best Acidulated Malt

Cider - Hard Apple Cider
ABV: 5.5% 
INGREDIENTS: Apple wine, Earl Grey Tea