Calgary Beer Craft Lager

Since 1892 
Paying homage to the former Calgary Brewing & Malting Co. and it’s iconic Calgary Beer, we were inspired to revive this 129-year-old brand with our take on a lightly hopped Craft Lager. It’s called Calgary Beer but this beer is for everyone. 

FORMAT: 4x473ml Cans 
ABV: 5% 
HOPS: Ella, Sabro, Enigma 
YEAST: Krispy Kveik 
MALT: Rahr 2-row, Acidulated Malt 

Light Haze
Dry Hopped
Hybrid Fermentation

Calgary Beer Craft Lager is designed to be a light golden coloured, hybrid fermented beer with an emphasis on hop aroma. The aroma is centred around citrus hops (tangerine), tropical stone fruits and light hints of coconut. Each variety of hops have been selected for their traditional and historical origins. Enigma is bred from the traditional German Tettnang hop, Ella is derived from several noble European varieties while Sabro is a new-age American bred hop from the neomexicanus hop variety (North American origin). While hop aroma is the feature of this Craft Lager, the additions have been balanced with the recipes malt profile to provide a well balanced low bitter beer.

Calgary Beer



Village Brewery’s reimagining of this iconic brand brings four unique can designs containing a limited edition Craft Lager. Each can explores the evolution of the brand into the modern era while the lager puts a distinct Craft twist on the traditional Calgary Export Lager.

Unique Designs
Timeless Craft Lager