Pink Boots Brew

by Village Brewery

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This Women's Day Biere de Garde is the French version of the Belgium Saison. The name Biere de Garde means "beer for keeping", often left for long periods of time before enjoying. Our beer features the Copenhagen lager yeast from Escarpment and has been tended with care for 5 weeks in tank before packaging. The sweet, complex, bready maltiness shines through this palette from the Alberta made Red Shed malt. 28 kg of local honey was added giving it a beautiful mouthful and floral aroma. We strayed a little from the style guidelines to feature the Pink Boots hop blend, containing loral, cashmere, ahtanum, citra, and sabro. This amazing blend contributes notes of tropical, herbal, citrus and woody qualities. This sweetness, aroma, and hoppy goodness perfectly meld together in every sip to make this the perfect beer for keeping.


ABV: 8% 
HOPS: Pink Boots Society Blend 2020 
MALT: Rahr 2-Row, Red Shed Kananaskis Malt, Red Shed Biscuit, Red Shed Rocky Mountain, Honey