Unity Brew Scotch Ale

by Village Brewery


Introducing the 2020 edition Unity Brew! This year brewers from all across Alberta came together (virtually) to brew 6 versions of a classic Scotch Ale! 

ABV: 6.0% 
IBU: 20 
SRM: 16.84 

The Village Brewery Version of the 2020 Unity Brew (Scotch Ale) is an approachable, malt-centred beer. The noble hoping of Fuggle and East Kent Golding provides some traditional grassy notes but compliment the locally inspired malt profile. Rahr 2-Row provides the backbone of the base malt while the Origin adds some highlights of a more complex malty character. What really makes our version standout is the addition of the Beechwood Smoked Malt. The subtle smoky characteristic pairs well with Red Shed’s base malt. The CMG Oat Malt provides some velvety smoothness to the mouthfeel to round it out nicely.