Village Blonde

Meet this natural Blonde, whose golden glow comes from the finest two-row Alberta barley. An ale with a crisp, dry palate that balances a slight fruity sweetness and subtle bitterness. Handcrafted, unpasteurized, free of preservatives and additives, this local beauty conforms to the 1516 Bavarian Law of Purity. Lovely in its simplicity.

ABV: 4.5% 
HOPS: Galena, Willamette and German Tettnang.
MALT: 100% Two-Row Alberta Premium Barley

Clean & Crisp
Lightly Hopped
Fruity & Floral

A clean, crisp golden ale. The Village Blonde has a dry palate with a slight hop characteristic followed by a smooth finish.

Meet the Blonde

Village Blonde

We all have moments in life we wish we could save in a bottle. For one of our partners, who lost his mother just prior to launching the brewery, this photo of her is his way of thanking her for her ongoing support and golden beauty. Now whenever he drinks a Village Blonde he'll be reminded to clean his plate, do his homework, be kind to others and not take life too seriously.