Village Cider

The Village Apple Cider blends the sweet, tart and refreshingly crisp flavour of apples with subtle notes of pear and earl grey tea. Smooth, semi-dry and balanced this all-natural hard apple cider will get you straight through those hot summer days.

ABV: 5.5% 
INGREDIENTS: Apple wine, Earl Grey Tea 

Earl Grey Notes
Hard Apple Cider
Clean & Crisp

Meet the Village Cider

The Village Cider Can was beautifully designed by our BFF's at Evans Hunt. 
The talented Cider design team consisted of (from left to right): 

Adam Grudgfield (@ehgrudge) 
Production Artist/Magician who brought our design to life on the can 

Marc Eriksson (@marceriksson)
Creative Director/Moonlights as a copywriter also (maybe? He can't really remember.) 

Steph McIntyre (@bleachhouse 
Copywriter/Wordsmith/Cider Aficionado 

Martin Massel (@martinmassel)
Project Manager/Dad/Cat Wrangler