Village Mighty

by Village Brewery


Brewed with premium Alberta malt for rich flavours and a smooth, clean finish. Village Mighty celebrates the bold people who make the world a better place.

ABV: 4.2% 
HOPS: Nugget, Loral, Mandarina Bavaria.
MALT: Rahr Premium Pilsner Malt, Best Acidulated Malt. 

Village Mighty is a crispy lager brewed with a premium pilsner malt to provide it with soft and subtle light straw colours and flavours. Our northern hops are American (Loral) and German (Mandarina Bavaria) sourced yielding an alternative to traditional grassy lager flavours with some subtle floral and citrus characteristics. The yeast provides a very clean and neutral lager characteristic which makes our Mighty Lager all the more crushable in nature. Our geography also provides a delightful surprise in the tasting notes. Traditionally, lagers are brewed with water with low levels of hardness from calcium and magnesium along with lower sulphate and chloride too. Calgary’s proximity to the mountains and their watersheds rich in minerals makes for great hoppy and dark beers. This could make producing the ideal lager a challenge but with reverse osmosis water, our brewers can produce soft water on demand that has lower mineral content and adjust levels to produce our ideal taste profile. To an experienced craft beer taster, our approach can turn a good beer into a great one. ­We invite you to judge for yourself that our approach with the Mighty produces a consistently easy-drinking lager that you can enjoy with friends.