Village Neighbour

It's the old story. You look far and wide, then lose your heart to the beer next door. The golden brew with the flavours you've known all your life. Fresh-baked biscuits, caramel and toffee. Notes of orange and lemon. People say, love thy Neighbour. And you always have.

ABV: 5.1% 
HOPS: Galena, Cascade, Citra, Ella.
MALT: Rahr Two-Row Barley, Victory Malt, Carastan, Crystal Malt. 

Tropical Citrus Notes
Moderate Bitterness
Biscuit Notes

The Neighbour is ripe with hop flavour without a strong bitterness to it. Featuring Citra and Ella, this beer is for hop lovers. The notes of lemon, tangerine can be attributed to Citra while the tropical notes of melon, pineapple and mango are from the Ella. The backbone of this beer is the definition of biscuit. The Victory Malt stands tall and demonstrates a different type of malt characteristic from what most are familiar with. The Carastan and Crystal add some light caramel and toffee notes without overpowering the profile. The Neighbour is a light copper Canadian Pale Ale.

Meet the Neighbour

Village Neighbour

Beer is made for friends and neighbours. It’s the quintessential means for getting people together; always has been. The photo on this case of beer comes to us courtesy of Petey, our sales rep. He tells us this photo is of his great grandmother Alice and her best friend and neighbour Addie. This photo taken in the early 1900s was testament to how much they enjoyed each others company and did everything together. Sadly Alice and her husband succumbed to the Spanish Flu epidemic in 1918 as did so many other Canadians that year. In the truest sense of friendship, Addie was the best neighbour one could ask for and raised her best friend's children in her stead. It takes a Village to raise a child indeed.