Village Squeeze

It was love at first sip. We'd never met a more dazzling, brilliant brew. Our squeeze charmed us with smooth Bavarian malt, teased us with lemon and raspberry, kissed us softly with hops. We told ourselves, this may be too good to last. So for now, just drink it in.

ABV: 4.8% 
HOPS: Halena, Saaz.
MALT: Canadian Pilsner Malt. 

Lemon Zest Aroma
Raspberry Accents
Pilsner Malt

The Village Squeeze is balanced with light additions of lemon zest and fresh raspberries. It has sweet malty notes and herbal hop aroma. It is a beer first and foremost, with subtle compliments from the fruit.

Meet the Squeeze

Village Squeeze

Our employee Nicole's parents are models of true love. Meeting at a ballroom dance club as young university students, they set out on a steady course for a long marriage and loving family. They compliment each other with a balance of living in the moment and planning for the future (she's the today - he's the tomorrow). 36 years later they can still be found out on date nights or dancing up a storm at parties. We hope this true love reminds everyone in the Village to balance one another, appreciate time spent together, and most importantly to hold your squeeze tight.